Monday, July 14, 2008

Cooking Jersey Blue Claw Crabs Part-3

Garlic, butter, parmesan cheese and wine for crabs...
Blue claw crabs cooked New Jersey style.

Crabbing on the Neuse River

Sunday we had a nice amount of medium to large blue claw crabs in our traps out in Pamlico County. After baiting the traps (cut up chicken) we decided to look for a different spot along the Neuse River.
Not far from our crab spot in the country we found a public pier heading into the river.
We tied some chicken to a few hand lines and were pleasantly surprised to see quite a lot of activity. We caught 8 within 20 minutes or so but had to leave due to one of the kids getting a splinter from the bulkhead.
The pressure treated wood creates a very nasty and painful experience and since I couldn't take it out we quickly packed up and went home.
Bringing in the crab lines we had 2 keeper crabs on one bait!
Will return here I'm sure...