Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Crabbing in Galveston Texas

Here's a unique way of crabbing from a shore line using tent stake, a rubber mallet and twine. And of course a net :)
Funny watching how slippery chicken can be...
At the end of the video a nice crab is caught.


  1. I want to go crabbin this weekendbut am unsure of how tropical storm Don will effect it. Any thoughts about that?

  2. Bring an umbrella :)

    Seriously... The crabs will know what to do if a storm is headed your way.

  3. we will be headed to galveston in late august and would like to go crabbing one day with my family. where would be the best place to go do you have to have a fishing license to go and can you keep your catch.

    thanks in advance,

  4. I am wanting to take my kids crabbing for the first time, nothing serious just for fun to show them the crabs we do not plan of keeping them. Do we need a license for the kids to do that and what are good places to go?

  5. Most states have catch limits but if you simply want to catch and release check with the state rules.
    Here is a great resource for every state...

    Have fun! The kids will love it...

  6. More info on crabbing in texas...

    Crab and Ghost Shrimp Regulations

    NOTE: It is unlawful to place, fish, or leave a crab trap or crab trap component in the coastal waters of the state from February 18-27, 2011.

    Crabs may be taken for personal use (bait or food.) Crabs taken with recreational license for personal use may not be sold.
    There are no public salt waters, seasons or times closed to the taking and retaining of crabs and ghost shrimp, EXCEPT as provided in this guide.
    It is lawful to take, attempt to take, or possess crabs (more information on crabs) and ghost shrimp by means, in numbers, and of sizes ONLY as described below.
    A person taking or attempting to take crabs or ghost shrimp from salt water for non-commercial purposes is required to have a valid fishing license and a saltwater fishing stamp endorsement.
    Bag, Possession and Length Limits
    Species Daily Bag Possession Minimum Length
    BLUE CRAB * No limit No limit 5 inches -- Measured across the widest point of the body from tip of spine to tip of spine.
    STONE CRAB** (Right Claw Only) No limit No limit 2 1/2 inch claw -- Measured from the tip claw to first joint behind the immovable claw.
    GHOST SHRIMP 20 20 per person None
    * Except that not more than 5% by number of undersized blue crabs may be possessed for bait purposes only and must be placed in a separate container

    May not possess egg-bearing (sponge) crabs.
    May not possess a female crab that has its abdominal apron removed.

  7. Steve in HoustonJune 27, 2012 at 1:13 PM

    We caught some blue crabs last weekend. They were medium to large sized. When we cleaned them we found the shells to be extremely hard and brittle. Is this to be expected or is there a time of year when the shells are softer or more flexible?

  8. Time after a molt will harden the shell on crabs. I find the meat only gets tastier too but you have to work a bit harder to get at it. I'm not sure as to the timing in Texas for molting but you can easily tell if the crab has a "new shell" if you see little or no mud staining on the bottom and the points are very sharp everywhere. After cooked the shells are easily broken open as you may be experiencing now.

    Go crabbing in a month or too and you will see a difference in how the crabs look and best of all taste!

  9. Any area recommended .. we use to go behind the home depot on 61st but it was dried up from the drought last year.. Please we going Saturday

  10. Go to the local tackle shop. They only want the best for your crabbing outing.