Thursday, July 22, 2010

Crabbing, Fishing, Clamming and Camping!

As the title of this post suggests. You get it all at Cedar Point Campgrounds in East Hampton Long Island, NY.
I'm going back to the 80's but would bet you still can do most if not all of these things still today. In an earlier post I showed a huge crab we picked up in a local pond. Now there were many more crabs we caught but this grand daddy deserved the photo to be taken.
Here it is again on the left. I can't for the life of me understand why we didn't measure the monster but would easily say from point to point it measured over 10".
So not to beat this horse to death... You can also catch bluefish on the beach along with other species. Back in the 80's they allowed you to drive to the point if you had 4-wheel drive. I'm not sure if this is still allowed. In any event the walk isn't too far to the main beach that holds a nice amount of hump back porgy's in the 2-4 lb class along with some decent clamming. At low tide steamers are available inside the cove as well as clams and scallops. Now again I was here in the 80's and don't know if this is still the case. In the worst case scenario, bring ribs and hot dogs. I couldn't imagine not being successful at all... So pack your clam & fillet knives, steamer pot, butter and tarter sauce. If you do get the opportunity to camp/fish here this summer please let me know how you make out :)
I'm sure it's worth the trip either way.

More info: (click to go)>> Cedar Point Campgrounds

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