Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Baked Clams Season

Time to start fine tuning my baked clam recipes...

I made my clams this time sauteing mushrooms with onions, garlic and celery till caramelized in butter / olive oil and tossed in red pepper near the end then folded with clams.
Brought to a boil and added to stuffing.

Seasoned with fresh ground pepper and Old Bay. Topped off with Romano cheese / Italian seasoning then baked hot around 400 to crisp up the bread stuffing.


Here is the before image...

You can easily make this using aluminum baking clam shells and store bought canned clams.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Crabface Tee

Great attire for your next seafood feast...

(available in many sizes and options)

Crab Cakes by Gregory Gordon

If your mouth aint watering right now something is wrong here  ;)
Stumbled onto this photo in a social group and had to share...
Thanks Gregory!

Gregory made these beauties using Zatarain's Crab Cake Mix.

If you Facebook and love to cook and eat you have to join this group!
Southern Comfort Facebook Cooking Group

Crab Wrapping Paper - Gift Wrap

Crab Wrapping Paper
Perfect gift wrap for the crab lover in your life :)

Crab Wrapping Paper

Commercial crabbing with a trotline

These guys make it look so easy...