Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Dome Crabcatcher Crab Trap

The Dome Crabcatcher Crab Trap made by "The Crabcatcher" looks to be a nifty way to fill your bucket with crabs.
I just visited the web site and read about how the trap works and am impressed with the simple design. For pier crabbing it looks like a sure fire way to land more crabs than the bait line or old style folding traps that work most of the time.
On the Crabcatcher web site they show their trap in action. You can even see how they steam crabs in Maryland and yes... how to clean them and remove the crab meat.

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  1. Hello....would you happen to have current contact information for the maker of "The Crabcatcher" crab traps? I remember seeing these traps a couple years ago on a pier in Solomon's Island, MD, and I'm interested in purchasing a couple, however the website seems to be no longer available. jbchylln@yahoo.com