Saturday, July 5, 2008

New crabbing site in the country.

The crab Guy and I are testing a new crabbing location. Guy's friend allowed us to put out 2 traps at his pier out in the country. We set out down the pier armed with our crab traps and a pile of chicken parts.
As we walked out on the pier we saw quite a few crabs hanging on to pylons. We now anticipated a good catch to come when we come back to pick up the traps Sunday.

It was exciting to say the least. So we tied off the traps and then decided to ask our humble dock host for a net so we can get the crabs we saw just hanging around.

We returned to the pier and picked up 8 or so crabs but most were mating so we let them be. One however was of decent size and instead of bringing one crab home we decided to put the crab into a trap to possibly attract more or better yet be there when we get back Sunday.
Well... We were surprised to find that within the 15 minutes of the trap being in the water we had a jumbo Jimmie already!

I can't wait till tomorrow...