Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Jumbo Blue Claw Crabs!

Well... After the brush of our tropical storm Sunday we decided to check the traps and change the water. Much to our surprise the traps were packed with crabs.
Many jumbo males! Guy picked up 51 pounds of shrimp from the local boat and cleaned them there on the dock. This may had an impact on the amount of blue claws we caught. It's a day later and I'm trying to figure out how else I can prepare them.
May have to give them to the kids for dinner :)
I did cook 22 crabs in a big pot my dad had. I used water (naturally) and about a cup of cider vinegar and two heaping tablespoons of old bay. Once the water came back to a slow boil after the crabs were put in I timed it for 25 minutes.
They were delicious!
The traps are baited again with chicken thighs. We'll see what happens...