Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Maryland Blue Crabbing Vacation

The months of August and September are both great crabbing months and coincide with a popular vacation time of the year. One such place to catch a few blue claws and enjoy some of the best weather of the year is out on Point Lookout MD.
The state park (Point Lookout state park) offers a boat launch, fishing pier, camping and beaches all surrounded in a rich Civil War history.

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  1. Good Morning Fellow crabber.

    In 2008 you had a video on UTUBE and were making a nice catch of crabs in HOBUKEN NC.
    Can you share this location with me ? I will be in OBX the end of august 09 (DR.CRAB)

  2. The video was of someone else. You can just run out into the county. The crabs are everywhere!

  3. Hey CrabGuy, I live just above Point Lookout on the Potomac. Good Ole St. Marys County.....we used to roller-net soft crabs when I was young, but I haven't been able to find one for my kids. I remember what they looked like, but not the exact dimensions, etc. Any ideas on a resource so I can buy or build one for them??? Thanks!!!

  4. grew up crabbing in whittman and st. michaels. stationed @ ft. meade. now live in fla. miss crabbing and beer. need a vaca. crabbing long line, pots , off the pier! any vaca. packages available? e mail i need a relaxing break crabbing!