Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Giant Blue Claw Crab!

jumbo blue claw crab

Digging through some old photos I came across this picture taken of a blue claw we caught in a brackish lake near Montauk LI. To date it has to be the biggest blue crab I ever saw no less caught!
The interesting thing is how we caught crabs in this shallow lake... You simply rowed about in 8' aluminum boats and looked along the bottom and picked the crabs up with a net. The water was only 3' deep or so and the crabs were easily spotted until the water became rippled by the wind.

For those interested in where this crabbing spot is located you can find it in the town of East Hampton at Cedar Point Campgrounds. It's called Alewife Pond. I'm not sure if you can still rent boats there but it's worth a shot. You can see the small salt water feeder on this map.

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