Monday, October 4, 2010

October... Is it the end of the crab season?

After the amazing weather we had here in the east coastal area of North Carolina. 18+ inches of rain! I decided to head out and go crabbing anyway the day after the storm. Mainly to get a feel for how the fall season may be shaping up and heck... I was curious to see how high the water was.
To start things off it took us over an hour to get to our crab spot due to a bridge out. But obviously that didn't stop us. It was a nice driving day so I really didn't mind...
We finally arrived and saw the expected rise in water but didn't expect it to be as high as it was. Right up to the walk boards! Normally the water is 2 feet or so beneath.

Now for the crabbing... Out of the traps we came up with ONE keeper crab! I surely blame it on the storm because after rigging up our chicken hand lines and an hour or two later we managed 20 hungry critters. The added bonus was how tasty the crabs are this time of the year!

So get out and go crabbing! It's not over yet. You may come home with less crabs but they are definitely worth putting in the steamer...


  1. Just curious if you know where a good place to find blue claw crabs in south florida.


  2. I've heard of catching blue claw crabs in the ICW.
    Try asking a local tackle shop nearby. I'm sure they would know... Good luck!

  3. Hello Crabman,

    Any good spots I should try around Morehead City/ Atlantic Beach for crabbing with hand lines?

    I usually hand line up in the Pamlico Sound area, but I would like to try a little closer to home.

  4. I have done well in the Bogue Sound In Pine Knoll Shores. There are some water access points that hold some decent crabs. One that comes to mind is a boat launch at the end of Pelican dr. by the Sheraton.
    I have also been successful on the ocean side from the Bogue inlet pier. Bottom line is... try anywhere you never know. There are crabs literally everywhere.

  5. Thanks! I will try this weekend and see what I can get. Are there seasons on crabs? Im gonna head out this weekend and crab instead of fish, because of the crazy wind.

  6. OH btw, since you helped me, maybe I can point you out a spot! You can google this: 35.289528,-76.631724

    I think they are called impoundments? Im not sure. The biggest, best tasting blue crabs I have ever had, came from that area.

    Do you know what that is ?