Saturday, July 17, 2010

Crabbing Memories and the Blues?

Just strolling down memory lane during these hazy days of summer. One great memory was of a favorite fishing dock at the end of Blue Point Ave. located yes... In Blue Point Long Island. Reminiscing more so about the number of blue claw crabs we caught and how you brought empty garbage cans fishing instead of 5 gallon buckets. Catching 40 or so crabs in a few hours was an average crab trip. To be fair, this was back in the late 60's and early 70's where everything was plentiful and I guess you can say... Life was good.
And so was the crabbing!

I am living 800 miles or so from my favorite little dock that holds some great memories of days gone by and some terrific crabbing adventures. I haven't been back for over 20+ years and wonder how the crabbing is today. It's nice to see the google satellite snapped a picture of the dock so I guess it still exists.

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