Sunday, July 25, 2010

Long Island Crabbing Reports

Looking for a great place to rent a boat and go crabbing on Long Island? Nobody does it better than Silly Lily out of Moriches, NY.
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Nestled inside Tuthill Cove in the town of East Moriches, SL is geographically surrounded by some of the best blue claw crabbing Long Island can offer. Though we are not affiliated with SL in any way we feel this terrific fishing outlet deserves mention. So here it is...

Looking at their weekly crabbing reports you cannot help feeling the excitement and need to get some cut up chicken and your net. Beside terrific crabbing, the Moriches Bay offers some serious fluke fishing. Not to overshadow the areas abundant crabbing opportunities but fluke fishing has to be mentioned. Sorry about that :)

I know... I'm supposed to be the Crab Guy.
Suggestion: Bring your light tackle rods just in case!

Oh yeah, check out Silly's Crabbing Reports (updated weekly)>>> Blue Crab Report

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