Thursday, August 18, 2011

Crab Recipe Contest

Do you have an original crab recipe?
You could win $1,000!

Here's the deal... Enter the "Phillips Foods Ultimate Crab Challenge Recipe Contest".

Get your ingredients together and enter your favorite homemade crab dish online at:

Contest ends August 22, 2011 so get going!

The winning recipe will also be featured on the menu at Phillips Seafood Restaurant!


Monday, July 25, 2011

See you later...

Grabbing a bag of chicken thighs and going crabbing  :)

Check List:
  1. Chicken & Bait
  2. Lines
  3. Net
  4. Cold drinks
  5. My crabbing buddy  :)
  6. Big bucket


If your crabbing trip was a bust there's an option  :)

"It's a fantastic year of crabbing on the Chesapeake Bay! What a great time for a Maryland crab feast. Nice, heavy crabs are flooding across the docks."

Here's some delivered steamed crab specials...
Steamed male hard crabs for as low as $129.99 per bushel (that's over 7 dozen crabs!)
Half-bushel of premium jumbo steamed male crabs for as low as $133.99. (the big boys!)

Be sure to visit.... The "Crab Place" for HUGE Steamed Maryland Crabs!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rusty's Big Crab

Thanks for the photo's Rusty...

Nice Crab!

(click on images for larger view)

Close up of a hugh claw...

Here's a working Google map of the area Rusty caught this giant crab.
It's anyones guess where his favorite spot is  ;)
View Larger Map

Monday, July 11, 2011

Crab Tattoos

Ok, I know they're not the most popular tattoo's to get but some folks actually get them. Not just crab tattoo's but blue crab tattoo's!
During one of my web surfing moments I stumbled across a blue claw crab drinking a Pabst Blue Ribbon beer! Now that's unique...
I would also add that it beats one of those plain old tramp stamp butterfly toos any day. :)

The tattoo parlor that created this fine work of art is "Sea Legs Tattoo Studio". They are located in the Baltimore area so the chances of someone wanting a blue crab tatoo was pretty high I guess.

Visit their website and ask for Melissa.
Sea Legs Tattoo Studio

Another tattoo for the less faint of heart was done by Phil Robertson of the "Custom Ohio Tattoo Shop". Not just the design of this crustacean beauty I admire but the guts of the person who had this done! Imagine looking at that in the mirror every day. Awesome work Phil!

Visit the Custom Ohio Tattoo Shop to see more of Phil's work.

Going back on my image search I finally realized that there are many more folks out there getting crab tattoo's that I ever imagined.
Go see for yourself... Google Image "Blue Crab Tattoo".

I guess wearing them permanently on your skin is a lot of fun...

Personally I would still rather catch & eat 'em.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Newly Styled Crab Board

The all new crab board!


  • Board, mallet and dipping cup are laser engraved.
  • Non-toxic red dye hand painted on board.
  • Boards are hand made, engraved and painted in the USA.
$24.95 for complete set + shipping

*Old style still available without added red dye for $19.95.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kids and Crabs

Except for the 4 or so that got away today...

We went crabbing at 6 am the other day and saw 1 crab. Today on the other hand we went down to the docks and picked up 10 really nice sized Jimmies all after 5:30 pm!
Go figure...

For bait we used halved mullet caught the other day with a cast net. It was pretty consistent action on the hand lines considering we thought the crabbing spot was fished out. The crabbing action has been really hot with some very impressive sized crabs. In the past 3 weeks we steadily came home with more than a half dozen for very little effort with our best day with 28.

I've seen better action but can't remember so many jumbos coming over the rail!

Here's the final damage...
2 1/2 crabs left attacked by 5 curious and hungry for crab kids  :)