Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kids and Crabs

Except for the 4 or so that got away today...

We went crabbing at 6 am the other day and saw 1 crab. Today on the other hand we went down to the docks and picked up 10 really nice sized Jimmies all after 5:30 pm!
Go figure...

For bait we used halved mullet caught the other day with a cast net. It was pretty consistent action on the hand lines considering we thought the crabbing spot was fished out. The crabbing action has been really hot with some very impressive sized crabs. In the past 3 weeks we steadily came home with more than a half dozen for very little effort with our best day with 28.

I've seen better action but can't remember so many jumbos coming over the rail!

Here's the final damage...
2 1/2 crabs left attacked by 5 curious and hungry for crab kids  :)


  1. Hows the crabbing in Oartley Beach NJ??

  2. I'm sure the Jersey shore is starting to show some nice summer crabbing. Don't forget to get out to the piers late at night into the early morning with long handle nets and a good flashlight. Many a warm summer night was spent doing this as a kid.

    If you have access to a boat... Cruise around bridges and other obstructions very slowly with a light and do even better with the crabbing. You are sure to get a few soft shell crabs this way too. Just be sure to watch where you are going, not just looking for crabs. :)