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Saturday, June 30, 2012

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The Crab Guy

Only a mother could love...

How can something so ugly taste so good?

This crab was caught and cooked with 7 others last night. 
Most of the crabs were 6" to 7" but this one topped out at 8"!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

As the sun sets...

What a way to end the day. 2 VERY nice Jimmies left over from the last molt. The smaller one was 6 5/8" across the points and the bigger one measured 7 1/2"! As I mentioned before... You don't catch much before the run but they (the crabs) make up for it in taste.

The water was a bit rough but the action was hot with showings of early new shell small males making the way to the docks edge. Won't be long before the BIG run hit's here in eastern NC.

Can I wait? No!   :)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Water temperatures are on the rise and so are the crabs from the mud. We went out to our regular spot this past thursday and managed 2 nice keepers. Early in the season we expected to see carry overs from last year with older established shells. We usually don't catch much now but the flavor and abundance of sweet crab meat makes it worth it all.
There will be a slight lull in the activity in the following days as the new shell population start to head out and search for food. This "Jimmy run" comes around in early June here in North Carolina. The crabs are very abundant and hungry when this happens so get your crab nets and bait lines ready! In the meantime go spend a few hours at your favorite pier this weekend and bring home a real treat to add to your BBQ menu...

Remember... Fishing and crabbing is possible in the "land of the free" provided by those who sacrificed for us. Take a moment to honor our fallen and veteran heroes.