Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Crab Guy | Blue Claw Crab Blog

The Crab Guy | Blue Claw Crab Blog
Enough work! Back to crabbing...
Been looking around Long Island for some crab spots and found a few "Oldies and Goodies" are still around and are giving up some nice crabs. Typically, crabbing is best in the early fall on long Island where the crabs are full of meat and shells are hard. A hard shell translates to the sweetest crab meat!

One of my childhood favorite spots is located in Blue Point, LI at the end of Blue Point Avenue. The old dock was rebuilt since the 60's but still has the iconic gazebo we would see out the windshield through September morning fogs as we headed toward it. I remember this most because it was when hearts raced in anticipation of what was soon to be...

I tried this dock last year and came up with some nice crabs with my oldest son on two occasions. To put it into perspective... We planned on fishing 6 hand lines but ended up using only 2 because as soon as the first line was set up the action had already started. There was a little size culling but we ended up with 8-10 nice 6" + Jimmys for our afternoon snack.
Give the place a try and let me know how you did! Be sure to bring along light tackle rods for the large snappers that frequent the area with an occasional added bonus of a larger species if you're lucky.